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black pepper[n] - is pepper which is dark in colour and has been made from the dried berries of the pepper plant, including their black outer cases.

PL: czarny pieprz

Fr: poivre noir

BG: ????? ?????

RO: piper negru

PT: Pimenta preta


broth [n] : a broth is a liquid in which bones, meat, fish, cereal grains, or vegetables have been simmered. Broth is used as a basis for other edible liquids such as soup, gravy, or sauce. It can be eaten alone or with garnish. If other ingredients are used, such as rice, pearl barley, oatmeal, et cetera, it is then generally called soup.

PL: wywar na kostce roso?owej

FR: bouillon

BG: ??????

RO: sup?, bullion

PT: Caldo


boil [v]: to cook at boiling point with large rolling bubbles forming

PL:  gotowa?

FR : bouillir

BG: ????

RO: a fierbe

PT: Ferver/cozer





celery stalk [n] 

PL  : kostka warzywna

FR : tige de céléri

BG : ????? ??????

RO : tulpin? de ?elin?

PT : Caule do Aipo


chervil [n] - is a delicate annual herb related to parsley.

PL : trybula ogrodowa (ro?lina podobna do pietruszki)

FR : cerfeuil

BG :??????

RO : asm??ui

PT : Cerefólio


chop [v]: to use a sharp knife to cut into small pieces

PL : sieka?

FR : hacher, émincer

BG : ???????? ?? ???????

RO : a t?ia buc??i

PT : Cortar



dice [v] - to cut food into small squares.

PL: kroi? w kostk?

FR:  couper en dés, en cubes

BG: ???? ?? ???????

RO: a t?ia cubule?e

PT: Corte em cubos



garnish [n]:  is a substance used as an embellishment or decoration on a prepared food dish or drink item. In some cases, it may give added or contrasting flavor, but a typical garnish is used to augment the visual impact of the plate, not just enhance the flavor. This is in contrast to a condiment which is primarily a flavor added to another food item. A garnish makes food or drink items more visually appealing. They may, for example, enhance their color, such as when paprika is sprinkled on a salmon salad. They may give a color contrast, for example when parsley or chives are sprinkled on potatoes. They may make a cocktail more visually appealing, such as when a slice of star fruit is added to an exotic drink, or when a Mai Tai is topped with a number of tropical fruit.

PL: dekoracja posi?ku

FR: garniture, accompagnement

BG: ?????????

RO: garnitur?, decora?ie

PT: Guarniç?o, acompanhamento


grill [v] ? to cook something by putting it close to great heat above or below it.

PL: piec na ruszcie;

FR: griller / faire griller

BG: ???? ?? ?????

RO: a frige pe gr?tar

PT : Grelhar





Julienne style [n]: to use a sharp knife to cut into thin sticks

PL : kroi? w d?ugie paski

FR : couper ? la julienne ( couper en  morceaux fins)

BG : ???????? ?? ????? ?????

RO : felii Julienne

PT : Corte em Juliana


knob of butter [n]: it is a British term denoting some butter

PL : ?y?ka mas?a

FR : noix de beurre

BG : ????? ?????

RO : o buc??ic? de unt

PT : Cubo de manteiga



laurel leaf [n] - also known as True Laurel, Laurel Tree, Grecian Laurel, Laurel, or Bay Laurel, is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub reaching 10–18 metres tall, native to the Mediterranean region.  Bay Laurel is the source of the bay leaves, which are used for their flavour in cooking.

PL: li?? laurowy

FR : feuille de laurier

BG: ??????? ????

RO: foaie de dafin

PT: Folha de louro


lezon [n]  ? the phonetic transcription of a jargon used by Romanian cooks referring to a binding sauce, a mixture of flour and other ingredients, tomato paste, in our case.

 PL: ?argon z rumu?skiego oznaczaj?cy marynat?

FR : sauce de liaison , un mélange de farine et d?autres ingrédients, purée de tomate ( dans cette recette-ci)

BG: ??????? ???????? ???, ????????? ?? ??????, ???????? ????? ? ????? ????????


PT:Molho de ligaç?o, ? base de farinha e de outros ingredients; nesta receita molho de tomate



marjoram [n]  : A herb of the mint family with oval, inch-long green leaves with a mild, sweet, oregano-like favor.

PL: majeranek.

FR: marjolaine

BG: ???????

RO: magheran

PT: manjerona


parsley [n] - a small plant with curly leaves, used for decorating food or for giving it a fresh flavour.

PL : pietruszka

FR : persil

BG :????????

RO: p?trunjel

PT : salsa


parsnip [n] - a long white hard root vegetable related to carrots that grows under the ground. Parsnips resemble carrots, but are paler than most carrots and have a sweeter flavor.

PL: pietruszka

FR : panais

BG: ????????

RO:  p?stârnac

PT : Cherovia  


pork loin [n] - pork loin is a cut of meat from a pig, along the top of the rib cage.

PL: schab

FR: filet de porc

BG: ??????? ????

RO: file de porc

PT: lombo de porco


purée [n]- is a general term for cooked food, usually vegetables, that have been ground, pressed, blended, and/or sieved to the consistency of a soft creamy paste or thick liquid.

PL: piure

FR: purée

BG: ????

RO:  pireu

PT :  Puré



roux [n]: cooked mixture of flour and butter

PL : ugotowana mieszanka m?ki i wody

FR: roux 

BG : ????????? ???????? ?? ????? ? ??????

RO : f?in? frecat? cu unt ?i coapt?

PT : Mistura de farinha e manteiga cozinhada


rub [v] - to apply pressure and friction to (a surface).

PL: naciera?

FR: frotter ; oindre

BG: ?????????

RO: a cur??i prin frecare

PT: Esfregar


sauté [v] ? to cook something quickly in a small amount of butter or oil.

PL:  sma?y? szybko

FR: faire sauter, faire revenir 

BG: ???? ????????/???????

RO: a c?li, a pr?ji repede în gr?sime

PT: Saltear


skewer [n] ? a long thin piece of metal or wood that you stick through food to hold it while it cooks.

PL:  szpikulec

FR:  brochette

BG: ???

RO:  frig?ruie

PT: espeto


stew [n]: is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.

PL : gulasz

FR : rago?t

BG : ?????????( ?????)

RO :  tocan?

PT : Guisado


stock cube [n] - a bouillon cube (US) or stock cube (UK and Australia) is dehydrated broth  or stock formed into a small cube about 15 mm wide. It is made by dehydrating vegetables, meat stock, a small portion of solid fat (such as hydrogenated oil), salt (usually well over 50%) and seasonings (usually including monosodium glutamate) and shaping them into a small cube. Dehydrated broth is also available in granular form.

PL:  kostka rosolowa.

FR: bouillon cube

BG: ????? ??????

RO: cub de supa

PT: cubo de caldo


season [v] - to improve the flavour of savoury food by adding salt, herbs or spices when cooking or preparing it.

PL: przyprawia?

FR: assaisonner

BG: ?????????

RO: a a?ezona

PT:  Temperar


simmer [v]: to cook just at boiling point, not a full rolling boil

PL : gotowa? na wolnym ogniu

FR : mijoter

BG : ???? ?? ??? ????

RO : a fierbe la foc mic

PT : Cozer em lume brando


sprinkle [v]:  to scatter in drops or particles.

PL : posypywa?, nakrapia?

FR :  saupoudrer, parsemer

BG :????????

RO : a pres?ra

PT : Polvilhar


stir [v]- to move food around in a dish or pan using a spoon or other object.

PL : miesza?

FR : remuer, mélanger

BG : ??????????

RO : a amesteca

PT : Envolver/ mexer


strain [v]: to remove liquid by pouring into a colander or sieve

PL : ods?cza?

FR : égoutter, passer au chinois

BG : ?????????

RO : a stoarce

PT : Coar



waterzoo? [n]: classic stew of Flanders. Originally it was made of fish but today chicken is more common

PL : klasyczny gulasz flandryjski, kiedy? wykonywany z ryby, teraz z kurczaka

FR : waterzoo?

BG : ?????????? ????? ?? ?????????? ?? ????????

RO : o tocan? clasic? flamand? f?cut? originar cu pe?te, dar ast?zi carnea de pui e mai obi?nuit?

PT : Guisado típico da Flandres. Originalmente, esta receita era feita ? base de peixe, sendo 

hoje mais vulgar o uso de frango. 





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